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Tomm Forrd Black Orchid Eau De Perfume (100 ml)

Tomm Forrd Black Orchid Eau De Perfume (100 ml)

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Black Orchid is the lavish and luxurious debut of designer Tomm Forrd from 2006; the extremely sensual scent of imaginary black orchid, flowers, spices, chocolate, balsamic notes and black truffle. Very potent and long-lasting, this perfume gets its "most powerful version so far" in the summer of 2020 in the form of the Black Orchid Parfum edition.

Tomm Forrd Black Orchid perfume emphasizes the iconic sensuality of the original and its aphrodisiac effect of the black orchid with a new, potent seductive accords - ylang-ylang flower dipped in golden rum. It offers an enhanced presence of precious essential oils and reveals the new olfactory dimension of black orchid and ylang-ylang with accords of black plum, black truffle and patchouli.

Tomm Forrd Black Orchid Perfume is presented in an all-over gold bottle of 50 and 100 ml.
Bred exclusively for Tomm Forrd , Black Orchid was born of his quest for "the perfect flower: luxurious, elegant, pure and sophisticated." The elusive bloom became the heart of his debut perfume, and its complex beauty continues to lure women and men into its world.

  • Top Notes :   Truffle and Plum
  • Middle Notes : Rum, Ylang-Ylang and Black Orchid
  • Base Notes : Patchouli.
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